The Man Who Made Obama

david plouffe2Un articol interesant in revista Esquire despre David Plouffe, seful de campanie a lui Obama. Povestea este destul de interesanta ca informatie daca puteti trece peste stilul americanesc – imbinarea clasica intre succes si nationalism (in primul rand!).

(…) „as campaign manager of Obama for America in early 2007, Plouffe was charged with building an underdog campaign for president from virtually nothing — no money, one office, five staff members, and a few dreams from one’s father. The main thing he knew was that there were no shortcuts. His focus was on 270, and every decision had to flow from there. You had to get the job done. He told Obama the same thing he told everyone who worked for him: You have to be all in. The president asked the manager, Are there shortcuts? And the manager said, No. You get to work, and you stay there. ” (…)

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