Images for the future


We witness times of constant expansion for communications. Sometimes, we are suffocated by all the titles, photographs and opinions that we come across.

That’s tricky, as in many cases, the abundance of information on the public agenda does not bring any added value to the way we look into certain situations. Objectivity became relative and it mostly depends on the angle chosen by the journalist when ,,building up the story”.

Jean de la Fontaine said that ,,every newspaper editor owes tribute to the devil”.

There can be a large number of constraints, but the greatest danger comes from appealing to stereotypes.

The woman in politics. Society, including media, still looks into this matter in a special manner. We look at clothes, at the family life, make-up or gestures. It is highly difficult for women to earn their place at the forefront of the public life.

The link below shows how the main US publications chose to illustrate their first pages on the next day following Hillary Clinton’s nomination as the Democrat candidate for the Presidential elections scheduled for November 2016.